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Pay Per Click (PPC) Account Management

One of our clients had a number of websites that for many years have ranked on the front page of google, one of them was also top with multiple page listings.

However, in the latter part of 2012 these websites were part of the “collateral damage” caused by a major Google update.

Nothing on the sites had changed, nothing wrong had been done, yet they were suddenly demoted. Some rankings were sent to page two or lower, others went lower down page one.

The result was immediate – business enquiries plumetted.

Although some of the rankings recovered it became obvious that people seeking this clients services were not scanning past the top few listings and levels of business enquiries from Google did not recover. Some enquiries were still generated by Yahoo and Bing where the sites are still in the top rankings.

The only feasible way to recover business enquiries seemed to be using a Pay per Click service – Google Adwords.

The client agreed and we started to set this into motion in December 2012.

We set up an account for the client, in his name and details, with a new webmail address to keep e-mails from Google separate.

Keywords were chosen and ad campaigns were set up with the ads pointing to the main websites and some additional sites we had made that were going to be used as landing sites.

We now manage this account on an ongoing basis for an annual fee, set up new ads when needed, provide statistics and notifiy the client when he needs to top up his funds.

This has proved to be an outstanding success and business enquiries are now well above those that were previously generated by top rankings in the generic search results.

Although the client is in a highly competitive business sector and is paying anything up to £10 per click, the service easily pays for itself many times over from the profits from the business it generates.

As a result of this we are now offering Pay per Click management for search advertising as a service to our clients.


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